Company Profile

Penflex is a Cape Town (South Africa) based writing instrument manufacturing plant, with top technical expertise and a production team, widely respected for its collective know-how, professionalism and expertise.

Penflex products are manufactured according to the latest Japanese and German pen technology.

In this website, you will find an online presentation of our pen products and accessories. The services option highlights some of the services offered by Penflex such as printing on pens and changing the colour of pen components.

Our pen and marker products are displayed with information relating to the product. An option is available to see packaging information.

We recommend visiting the website throughout the year, as the catalogue may be updated from time to time when new products are added to our product range or when products are modified.

We hope that the catalogue and services described, are effective in your search of finding pen(s) and accessories that meet your requirements. If there are any enquires about our products or services, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.