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Tips for successful remote working during lockdown

We’re four months into Lockdown in South Africa and remote […]

How to best support your remote-working employees during lockdown

The question of productivity: Research shows that many employees are […]

Back-to-school after Lockdown

Transitioning back to school after the COVID-19 lockdown may feel […]

Dealing with the COVID-19 Homeschooling Challenge

In these extraordinarily challenging times, we are all learning how […]

Top Tips for keeping kids busy during COVID-19

Tips to manage the changes Create a routine and stick […]

Penflex Art Competition – Terms and Conditions

To help pass the time during lockdown – we’ve launched […]

Top Tips for Effective Work-Life Balance

Let go of perfectionism The desire to be successful is […]

Screen Time for Kids: How much is too much?

Is screen time bad for my child? Much research is […]

The Art of Writing Short Stories

Immersion is Key Know your genre. If you want to […]

The Importance of Reading to your Kids

Encouraging a Special Bond No matter their age, your child […]

Time management for telecommuters

Working on your couch in your PJs, getting up whenever […]

How to remove permanent marker from almost anything

Permanent markers are very useful, but are by their very […]

Holiday safety tips

South African’s take their December holidays very seriously, we work […]

Experiential gifts for kids and adults who have too much stuff

  Many middle-class South African’s are surrounded by clutter, so […]

Nutrition tips for healthy brain development

From being in the womb to the first 2 years […]

Home-schooling – is it for you?

Home-schooling has become a viable option for many families. Home-schoolers […]