Printing Services

Today, writing instruments account for about 50% of all promotional articles. The increasing demand requires wrinting instruments suppliers to offer high quality pens and markers at a reasonable price. The Penflex Printing Service contains the product groups: ballpoint pen, rollerball, whiteboard marker, highlighter and other quality pens and markers. This program uses the folowing two printing methods to put corporate logos and lables on our quality pens and markers:

  • Screen printing
  • Hot stamping
  • The corporate imprints are designed according to customer specification.
  • Moreover, these imprints are wear-resistant and professionally produced.
  • Our quality management department, which complies to ISO 9000 standards, guarantees the quality Penflex promise.


Corporate Colours and Logos
The colours of various pen components may be modified to suit corporate identities. These include barrels, clips and caps. Corporate logos and titles may be printed on these various components. This is subject to a minimum order quantity.

Packaging Services
Various packaging services are available. These include the design of cartons, cards and pouches. This is subject to a minimum order quantity.

Penflex products are manufactured according to the Japanese and German pen technology standards.